Thursday, February 5, 2009

I think my/our prayers were just answered...

So, Ben got a call Thursday afternoon from the company that runs our insurance and found out that my company DID purchase that IVF Rider with the HMO, so IVF WOULD be covered. With the PPO, we had a $15,000 limit (so 1 chance) and had to pay a deductible and 20%. With the HMO, there was no limit on price and no deductible...AND we could try up to 6 times!!! (you have to fit certain criteria, which we are concerned about...but 1 thing was that 1 tube was blocked...which I am pretty sure I have, so we are going on that)

BUT, with the HMO we had to be pre-approved by a primary care physician (PCP) to get the regular visits paid for. There were still so many questions and we didnt want to have messed up going to the Dr. on Wed.

So, I start calling my Drs while Ben is on a conference call with the HR people and the insurance company. They had offered to re-open enrollment for me (since it ended Wed night & they didnt have the info for us by then) if we decided to do this.

This was at 4, I had a client in the waiting room & all of my Drs offices were already closed. There were a million phone calls happening all over the place, my hands were so shaky, and I was just generally panicked about getting in done in time.

We got it all cleared and found out that we could go to ANY PCP and get them to write a referral and that they could ask for it to be retroactive to cover Wed's appointment. I called my Drs office this morning and my Dr's DAD is the PCP for them, but the lady on the phone said that because I was already a patient, she could just do it over the phone and fax it to me!

So, as soon as I get my insurance ##s, we will do that and hopefully will be set to go! There may be a lot of fighting in our future to be sure that certain things are covered, but I think it will all be worth it!

I am STILL trying to raise some $$ to cover meds and the like.

I have a REALLY REALLY cool give-away to do on come back and check it out!!! (If you girls have been to my house and like the "word vinyl" then you will love this give away!!!)

I cant thank everyone enough for the prayers, calls, emails, and kind words! This is not over, but I feel a great peace about what has happened in the last couple of days. Ben is still stressed, but I have faith that God moved a mountain for us & we will be OK!
Keep praying!
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- a BIG way!!!!!

My God did more than I could have imagined!!!!!!!!!!

We are still working on the details, but I will update when I know more and when I have time!

(all of this was happening while I was with a client, pushing 5:00. There were many frantic emails and phone calls all w/in a few minutes of each other that I am sure made no since whatsoever!)

Now, home I go to celebrate w/ my wonderful, patient, husband (after cooking dinner!)

Thank you all SO much for the prayers...keep them coming...there are great things happening!!!
love to all,


Chris Farrell said...

Seriously I can't know nothing and know something....I get anxious! But I will be praying and looking forward to hearing about all the details.

Leah said...

Oh Kristina, I have tears in my eyes reading how everything is coming together! I have been in your shoes and felt what you are going through! I remember the day I went to Dr. Putman while we were doing our IUI and they told me the sono's were covered. I cried on the way home, it was such a huge burden lifted! We will continue the prayers! God is awesome!
Leah and Tim

Marci said...

Sounds like positive news....I will be praying for you!!!!

Justin and Gracie O. said...

Hi, Kristina! Just checking in to see how everything has been going... apparently A LOT! I'm praying for you and Ben. Keep remembering, no matter how crazy and tear-filled, God's plan is always perfect.

Oh, and if those word vinyls are what I think they are, then I'll be back when you update! All of our walls are so white and bare! We need something big, inspirational, and fairly inexpensive to fill them. Have a great day!

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