Monday, February 9, 2009


**If you are interested in ordering, leave a comment and someway to reach you (email) and what you are intersted in. I still have some of these to sell, but I can re-create them or make something else with the ribbons you see (I will be getting more ribbon and making more bows this weekend). I can charge you through paypal and ship them to you if you are not local!**

So, I made bows this weekend!! The first batch, I am going to re-do...but the ones that I did on Sunday turned out SO CUTE!! I am going to try to sell them, but am working on the price-it will be cheaper than a boutique, though!

I have headbands and am waiting on crochet hats to put them on! All of these have alligator clips on the back. The pics don't show the size or dimension, well. They are FUN FUN FUN!! I think I have shots w/ all the ribbon that I currently have, but I can always get more!!
I can also do simple, one color pinwheel or boutique bows, or 2 small ones for piggy tails! Let me know if you are interested!
#1 Medium sized white pinwheel with several loops and a zebra print pinwheel. $6

#2 Large pink pinwheel with pink and green accents. $7

#3Large black and white pinwheel with pink and zebra accents & a striped pinwheel in the middle. $6

#4Smaller pink with zebra(made by Leah)$5

#5Med-Large pinwheel with leopard, pink/brown dot, and pink/brown stripe, other pink loops, and a small brown pinwheel in the middle. I LOVE THIS ONE!!! SO CUTE in person!! $8

#6I LOVE THIS ONE!!! Med-Large white pinwheel with LOTS of accents: black white dots (2 kinds), zebra, stripes, red loops, red/white dot boutique bow.
This could be a cute TX Tech bow $8

#7Small piggy tail bows. Black/white pinwheels, I "heart" football, and red/white boutique bows.
Specifically for a special Ohio State fan! $8 for the pair

Close up of one of #7

#8Large polka doted pinwheel with green/white loops, pink/green stripe pinwheel, light pink and bright pink swirls. $7

#9ANOTHER FAVE!!Med-Large white pinwheel with lots of black and white accents: zebra, stripes, dots (2 ways), green/white dots, green loops, and a yellow/green flower pinwheel. $8

#10LOVE this one, too!Med-Large pink pinwheel bow, brown pinwheel bow, pink/brown stripe loops, other pink loops, leopard loops, small striped bow in middle. $8

#11LOTS OF COLOR!! FUN!!Med-Large brown pinwheel bow, orange accents, blue pink and green loops, multi colored dots boutique bow$7

another angle of #11 trying to show dimension

#12SO CUTE!Medium pink pinwheel bow with brown accents, brown loops, and an 8 loopy boutique bow. $7

#13-sweet bow!Med-large pink pinwheel bow, tan and brown accents, brown loops, pink/brown stripe 6 loop boutique bow.

#14Large 8 loop white pinwheel bow, med green pinwheel bow, green/white loops, yellow/green flower boutique bow. $6

#15Med-large white 6 loop pinwheel, green loops, pink/white/green flower pinwheel bow. $6

#16 medium black pinwheel bow, pink/black dotted loops, pink/black striped loops, zebra boutique bows $7

#17ANOTHER FAVE!Med-large pink pinwheel bow, pink accents, green loops, pink/green striped pinwheel bow $7w#17 again showing dimension

#18 (made by Leah)Med-large white pinwheel bow, black/white striped boutique bow, black and white curly-q' $6s#18 close up of the middle. $6

#19Medium white boutique bow, pink/black dot swirls, black/white dots pinwheel bow, with black-white-lt pink-bright pink curly $7

Here is what I think I figured out for pricing:

-$4 for a regular 1 ribbon pinwheel or boutique bow, Small or Medium
-$5 for a 1 ribbon large botique bow
-$6 for a pinwheel/boutique bow with 2 robbons or a little fancier
-$7 for a pinwheel/boutique bow with 2 robbonw and loops or curly-q...several layers
-$8 for a FANCY bows with lots of embelishments and layers
For Piggie Tail bows:
-$5 for 2 small simple bows
-$6 for 2 small bows with 2 or more ribbons
-$8 for 2 small FANCY bows with a lot of layers or curly-q


Hannah said...

So cute, Kristina! Too bad I have two boys! Would you be willing to ship orders out of state? I could pass your website on to my friends that have girls.

The Moore Family said...

You and Leah are awesome! I haven't figured bows out yet! Anyway, let me know when you have prices set. LOL

Lianna Knight said...


These are SO adorable!! I have someone that might be a possible client for you and would probably give you some advertisement for your bows. MY MOM! She has started a Shih Tzu breeding business and she is NUTS over her dogs...dressing them, putting cute bows on them, etc. Visit her You can email her at Tell her you are one of my bloggy friends and and maybe she will buy some bows from you---but she'll need them smaller than these---and advertise for you on your blog.

Good luck!

annalee said...

hi there! these bows are adorable. are the ones you made already for sale? i'd love to buy #19 for adelaide!

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