Friday, January 16, 2009

Keep praying for baby Harper Brown Stamps!

**New update**Harper is still in critical condition, but she's hanging in there. Kelly and the Stamps family have had an outpouring of love and prayers from people in the "blog world" Here is some info from Angie Smith at Bring the Rain about how to let the family know you are praying:
"And keep praying for Baby Harper...some friends and family have set up a prayer blog for the Stamps' family... to post, go to, sign in with the id of, and password of: harperbrown. Once logged in, feel free to leave your words for the family"
**Update** There was no room at AR Childrens, so Harper was taken to St Francis in Tulsa. Before she was taken there, Kelly and Scott got to touch her. Things are looking better and better. They do not think that she has a problem with her heart, and were going to do a bypass on her lungs (they originally thought it would be heart and lungs), but now they dont think she will need the lung bypass, either. She is responding well to treatments! Check Kelly's blog for more updates...and keep praying!!
Please lift up Kelly and Harper at Kelly'sKorner.
Kelly struggled with infertility and was blessed to get pregnant with Harper. Kelly was 40 1/2 weeks pregnant and had 9 ib Harper tonight, but Harper was taken to the NICU and then flown to AR Children's Hospital. There are not many details, but things do not look good. Please pray for Harper, Kelly, and preod daddy Scott as they go through this time. Also remember Kelly as she is away from her daughter right now!

"pray continually" I Thes. 5:17

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Keggy said...

St. Francis is a GREAT hospital here. She will get the best treatment she can. It is the only hospital I will go to now. If they need me to do anything, I am available. I will visit or can go to dinner with them or anything. If they need a home cooked meal. Just let them know I am praying and will do anything I can. Oh, and tell them they picked a GREAT name for that little girl. The Harper I know is an incredible kid!

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