Thursday, January 8, 2009

How cute is this?

Bryson loves to sing. Especially his Bible class songs!

Go to the bottom of my page and mute the music and watch & listen to him sing a few of his favorite songs. He was a little distracted by the headphones (and sings "My God is So Big" with one hand), but he focuses in at the end.
The video is bouncy, because this was taken in the car (and the radio in the background is kind of loud). Sorry-there are a lot of excuses for you!! I still like the video, though!

I found a place that I could rotate the video so it's easier to watch. It still looks like he is sideways in the frozen pic, but it will flip when you hit "play."

In the mornings while I was putting on my makeup (sitting on the couch (1 bathroom, 4 people) with a hand held mirror) Bryson would come over and pick up my mirror and sing "Dear Bryson, Dear Bryson" and kiss himself in the mirror. He did this every morning. LOVE IT!

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