Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Searcy Wal-Mart, the place to be!

So, we spent our ThanksMas in Searcy, AR last week. It was fun and surprisingly uneventful. There was family drama that we were sure would bring up some tears...but our Friday night singing/praying actually had NO tears...I think this is a first. The Spillmans are a family of criers! We missed Stephanie, Beth, & Jacob like crazy, though!! See, there are a few of us that are the "late nighters" and stay at the Outreach building (of Highway C of C-where ThanksMas festivities are held) until late at night playing games, telling stories, and just having a good time. This group usually consists of the Kuhn family (Uncle Darrell, Aunt Kathy, Justin, Amber), Ben & myself, my sister Steph, and our cousin Jacob and his wife, Beth. The rest of the family has become old fuddy-duddies and go to bed early. They are missing out...let me tell you...we have the best time after hours. Well, this year w/out Steph, Jacob, & Beth it was just us and the Kuhns. We still had a great time, but it wasn't the same!! This is time time that Ben comes out of his shell and has a good time and makes a lot of jokes, some inappropriate! We DID have a simi-late night with Paige, Wade, Julie, and Aunt Pam. It was a blast and I am pretty sure that my aunt Pam is officially scarred from the "off colored" jokes that came from playing Catch Phrase and Apples to Apples. It was all in good, CHRISTIAN, married, fun...but Julie is Pam's daughter, and Wade and Paige are her son & daughter in-law-so I'm pretty sure she didn't want to hear some of it. OOPS! We did have a great time and cant wait for Wade, Julie, and Paige to join the late nighters!!

This is from maybe 2004 or 2005? We are missing Wade, Beth, Bryson, & Tyson!

On to Wal-Mart.
OK, so we all know that Wal-Mart is ALWAYS crowded. Whats the deal with that?!?! Well, there is no crowd like the crowd at the Searcy Wal-Mart. Seriously, Searcy is SUCH a small town, but the parking lot to Wal-Mart is always PACKED. Ben wants to do a study about the ## of people in the town and the number of people in Wal-Mart at any given time. SERIOUSLY, we drove by at 1 AM 3 different nights and there were cars down to the 10th or 11th spots! That's not major, but for 1 AM?!?!?!? It's crazy. Where do these people come from? I took my camera to take a pic as we drove by on the interstate, but the battery went dead as I prepared to take the shot. I actually made it out of Searcy withOUT going to Wal-Mart. I think it's a first. We usually end up getting more drinks or plates or something. My mom made NUMEROUS runs, but Ben and I avoided this task! YEAH for us!!

And can we all just say BOO to LSU losing! What is up with that?!?!? We were in AR with a bunch of AR fans and we decked out (even Bryson) with LSU gear (except Ben b/c he is stubborn) and they blew it right at the end. Good gracious!!

We did have an awesome weekend with family and safe travels, so for that, we are thankful! We had a blast with my sister and nephew and cannot wait for them to come to KK & Uncle Ben's (said more like "Pecan") house in a week or so!

Psalm 37:4 "Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the
desires of your heart."

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