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The road we've traveled pt.2 "Summer 07"

This one's going to be long! Keep reading, its like the drama never ends...but there are funny parts!

So, I finished up school at the end of May 07 and enjoyed my Birthday and sleeping in! I was still in "vegg" mode for a few weeks and was really going to "start my Summer" when my cycle in June hit.
June 07-It was AWFUL and I called my mom crying one afternoon. She told me to call my Dr, so I called. It was a little after 5, but the message said that MY Dr. T was on call!!!! He called me right back and told me to go to the ER. I started crying and he said that I could wait and come in first thing in the morning. So, the next morning, I called and headed up to his office at Presby Dallas. I was so weak and apparently looked REALLY BAD. They called me back right away and let me lay down. When Dr T came in, he checked my pulse and did a double take when he looked at me. He later said that I looked "BAD" and was a chalky grey color. He did a sono that day, too, to look at the fibroids that the sono tech had been talking about. He told me that I needed major surgery, FAST, and that if my blood work came back bad that I was having surgery the next day. He checked my pulse again and said that if it hadn't slowed down, he was admitting me that day. It had slowed, so I went to schedule surgery. This was a Tuesday, so we scheduled for the next Tuesday, unless my blood work was bad in which case I would bump someone off of the next day. So, once again, I call my mom crying (she told me to pull over b/c I was crying so hard) and told her that I had to have major surgery the next week. She was supposed to go on a mission trip to Honduras that week, that didn't help my crying any! My blood work came the surgery was at the end of June. (26th, I think) Ben and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary on the 22nd, it was very uneventful and canceled our vacation to check out our TimeShare in New Orleans that was supposed to be the first week in July.
So, my mom ended up canceling her mission trip and sent dad alone (and was out $900 in air fare...OOPS!) and she came to take care of me. I had the surgery and the Dr said that I had 3 large golf ball sized fibroids, that we knew about...but that holding my uterus was like holding a bad of ricks because there were SO many small fibroids in there. Before surgery I had told him that I would be "easy" because he was behind b/c of difficult patients that morning. When I woke up he said that I was the worst one that day. OOPS, again! So, he reconstructed my uterus and put a balloon in there overnight. I was in the hospital for 2 nights that were NOT fun at ALL. I do love the Perot building at Presby, though...MOST of them took good care of me. I did yell at one lady (I blame the drugs), well maybe 2! (I have some good stories, but I wont get into all of them!!) This was a major abdominal surgery, so I was on rest for up to 8 weeks. I basically call it a C-section, but they took out fibroids instead of a baby. I have a c-section scar and will have to have c-sections when I have babies. So, home I go recover.
People from church brought us food for 2 weeks, and my sisters came (with the baby who was about 2 months old at the time). We had a great party...I was just a little out of it. People kept telling me that I would feel "normal" again in 2 weeks to the day and that I would be able to sit and up straight again at that point.

The Dr said that he thinks I was getting pregnant every month, but there was no room for them to "stick" and we were very optimistic to start trying again ASAP without meds!!!
July 07
That WOULD have the 2 week mark I was finally feeling like I could get "up and at em" and get out on my own. I got my hair cut and highlighted (since I had no REAL sun, I needed to feel brighter!) HOWEVER, I get this pain in my foot/ankle that is UNBEARABLE 14 days after my surgery. I can no longer walk. I call my mom again and my dad diagnoses me with plantar flasciatis (sp?) which he got after a surgery b/c you tend to walk around in bare feet, which I had done for 2 weeks. So, I stay in bed for 2 days and elevate it. Nothing happens and the swelling starts to get worse. So, we called Dr. T and went in for my post-op sonogram and to ask about my foot. (During this 2 weeks, Dr T had left his practice and was now temporarily working out of another OBGYN office, but still at Presby)
He takes one look at my foot and says "I think you pulled your Achilles tendon" and says that he will get me in to see his orthopedic Dr. He steps out and calls Dr. Early's office and we hear him say "I have a patient that I am pretty sure TORE her Achilles tendon." So, we try to get in that day since we are at the hospital, but cant. So, we go home and I still cant walk. We get an appt the next day at his office in Plano.

So, we go to that appt and they diagnose it right away. I have pulled or torn my posterior tibial tendon which holds up the arch. The best way to fix this? A cast!!! So, I go home with an orange cast on my foot/leg and can walk a little better on the side of my foot (they made my cast dry where my foot was angled this way). I get crutches, a walking shoe, and he wants me to get one of these. Seriously?!?!? NO WAY! So, we make an appt. for an MRI the next day.

HAVE I MENTIONED THAT THIS IS MY RIGHT FOOT?!?!?!?!? I now, can no longer drive!

We have the MRI, and the tendon is not more surgery thank the LORD! But, I have to wear the cast for 5 weeks. I am home-ridden at this point! The people that I work with were SO sweet to offer to help, bring dinners, and even offer to go to the grocery store. Sweet Jill offered to take me to the I took her up on it and we saw "Hairspray" and my friend Neely took me shoe shopping to get some nice tennis shoes that I could wear to school and would balance my cast. I got a handicapped pass, that was good through Feb!!! I went back to the Dr, had my cast taken off and another one put right back on! This time, it was light blue. This one stayed on for 3 weeks, I think.
Aug 08
If you've kept up, school has started back by now! Aug was full of me (or Steph) getting my classroom ready, shopping for food/drinks for the staff for staff dev. week and running around like a crazy person (as long as someone came and picked me up). So, I start staff Dev week and go that week and 2 more days, with kids, in my blue cast. I had to get rides to and from school this week and a half! It was crazy, but we have AWESOME people that apparently love us and helped us SO much!

It's not over...

Towards the end of staff dev. week, my leg starts hurting again and I start using my crutches again. I had walked in my cast about 90% of the time. So, the first few days of school with new students, my leg REALLY starts hurting. I get my cast off Tues afternoon and he said that the new "mobility" from being back to work is prob. why my leg is hurting. By Wed I am completely using my crutches, even with no cast. I go to the chiropractor thinking that my muscles are just acting up and being felt like my calf muscle needed to be I kept stretching it! Thursday was "meet the parents night" and the kids were getting out of school at 1:25 that day. I had this PILE of stuff that I kept putting back to get done on Thursday b/t when the kids left and when the parents come at 6.

By Thursday my leg is DOUBLED its size, purple, and I am now rolling around school in a WHEELCHAIR! You KNOW I was desperate! So, I call the ortho Drs office and asked if this was normal? :) She said NO and that I needed to be checked for a blood clot. I guess that I didn't realize that this was serious and told her that I couldn't come until after 2. So, she gets me an appt at Presby in the outpatient part to get a sonogram on my leg. I finish my day and leave school without telling MANY people where I am going. I figure that I would be back by the activities that night. I did tell 1 person and almost cried, so I didn't tell anyone else except Neely and my team. I get in my car when my kids are gone and call my mom crying...see a pattern?!?! Ben has a meeting and cant be there to meet me. So, I go and check into the outpatient and do all of that by myself, scared to death! I get the scan done and she says "you do have a clot, let me call Dr. Early and see what he wants to do."


So, Dr. Early's nurse calls me and tells me to head over to I crawl on my crutches (dragging a dead leg behind me) through the tunnels and get over to the buildings where she is at and sit in the lobby. The nurse calls Dr T to see if there is a Dr that he wants me to see and he says Dr. Donna Casey. Dr. Casey is teaching a class and cant see me. So, the nurse tries calling every Dr that can deal w/ me and everyone can look on the computer and see the sono results and they all say "I would admit her if she were my patient, but I don't have time to see her today, but don't let her go home." So, here I sit all alone while they try to figure out what to do with me. Ben is still in a meeting, but eventually gets out and heads my way. The nurse calls and says that I should go to the ER so that I can get the immediate care that I need and the Dr there was a good one. So, I call Ben...who is walking into the building...he turns around and gets the car, pulls around, and we drive around to the ER. I call my principal, Daron, crying and telling him that I wont be there that night and that I would keep them updated. So, we get into the ER and get meds started. They say that they want to keep me overnight. I am assigned to Dr Z, who was DREADFUL!!!! The Drs FREAK out about the fertility pills that I have been on and keep going on and on about how I can NEVER be on hormones again and its going to be a year before we can get pregnant. I have never cried more than I did that night in the hospital! I finally get into a room and they have NO single I have a roommate which means that Ben cant stay with me. I am crying HYSTERICALLY at this seriously sobbing. The nurse says that Ben CAN stay and they position the bed to get a cot to bring in. I am better and Ben leave to go back and get some work done (it is now 1AM). Around 2, another nurse comes in and moves my bed back and I said that it was moved over for a cot and she tells me that Ben cannot by ANY means stay. I LOSE IT and cry hysterically again and proceed to CHEW THE TAR out of them!! I am sure that my roommate appreciated it. I call Ben and he leaves work at about 3 AM and goes home. He comes back at 6AM. The Dr. had already been in that morning b/c she was leaving on vacation. Have I mentioned that this is labor day weekend? I am now assigned to Dr. H who is a vascular specialist. If we thought that Dr Z was awful...this lady was 100 times WORSE!!!!!!!!!! I cried every time she left the room. She was wretched! Because of my fit the night before, I am moved to a single room as soon as one comes available. And my mom gets in town later this day. I spend another night in the hospital and am sent home on Sat to do NOTHING and I have to get my blood drawn everyday the next week. I also had to give myself 2 shots daily in my belly. They hurt like the Dickens and I cried every time!
Sept. 07
Did I mention that we are supposed to go to KY for Ben's G-ma's 90th B-day? We had to cancel that trip and we freak the whole family out b/c I had a blood clot. OOPS again!! I remember talking to my Father-in Law on the phone and I said "Its not funny anymore." I could laugh about the cast and could see the irony in it...but this was too much!! (now, I can laugh...its really laughable since everything turned out OK-but that doesn't mean you can stop reading!!!!)
So, my mom stays a while and cooks something like 20 days worth of food to freeze for when I go back to work.
We get to see Dr H a few times (joy!) and then I finally get an appt with Dr. Casey, whom Dr T recommended. I go see her and she is a breath of fresh air!!!!! I LOVE HER!!!! She calmed all our nerves and said that while I am on blood thinners I cant get pregnant, this would be 6 months, but that after that there is nothing wrong with fertility meds and hormones. FINALLY, someone is looking at the WHOLE picture (surgery, cast, immobility) and not just the hormones! I am sure that they played their part, but it was very circumstantial with the surgery and cast!
Dr. Casey does a work up pf my blood and runs every test in the book. She found that I was completely healthy in every aspect EXCEPT vitamin B-12. She called and said that I was SEVERELY deficient in B-12. Apparently your levels should be at 900 and when they reach 200 you can start losing functions and nerve stuff. Mine was at 210!!!!!!!!!! Again, I knew that I was tired, but had been feeling better since taking iron. So, I started B-12 injections. Let me tell you that I LOVE that stuff!!!! I took it everyday for a week, every week for a month and I have to take it every month for the rest of my life...more often if needed! I cannot tell you what this stuff does to me! My poor students...the days after I get a shot I am like an ADHD teacher and we get SO much work done...I wear THEM out by the end of the day. I talk 90 to nothing and don't even realize that I don't stop to take a breath! I still do this and its funny when I realize "oh yeah, I had the shot last night!" Everyone laughs at me!
When I go back to school after being home a week, my kids had had subs longer than they had had me! It was an adjustment for ALL of us!! We started the 3rd week of school with NOTHING done...remember that pile that I was going to get done before "meet the teacher?" Still a pile!! I worked with WONDERFUL people and they really helped out a LOT! I had to get my blood checked every week until it balanced out and then just once a month.
So, I was on the blood thinners and wore lovely compression stockings for 6 months and that takes us to Feb. 08!
During that 6 months, we had a trip to Chicago for Ben's sister's wedding. It was great! We LOVED Chicago and really re-connected while NOT trying to get pregnant!!!!! Again, every time we had a break... ;) It was an awesome trip and we left more in love than we had ever been!! (you can gag...whatever)

Is anyone still reading?!?!? I know that this is painfully long...but that was my Summer...painfully long!!! It was awful, but there were blessings that came out of it! I will try to add some pics in here tonight from my computer at home!
Tomorrow, come back for trying again on our own in Feb/ will be MUCH shorter!!!!
PSHEW...I'm tired after just writing that (at least I get a B-12 shot that means tomorrow's post might be a bit random!!! at least you were warned!!)

Take care,

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Jenny Latshaw said...

Wow! I can't believe how much you have been through just up to this point in your story! I have to read the last part before I say much more. I hope things get better! lol.
We really should talk more!

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