Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The road we've traveled: Pt 1

OK, I'll make this as short as possible. Keep in mind that I am on Ben's insurance and not a SINGLE penny of infertility is paid through them! This all came straight from our pockets.

2005/2006-I was taking birth control pills and lupron shots for what we thought was endometriosis.
Early April 2006-I spent a night in the hospital for abdominal pain...chalked it up to endomotriosis, but I already had surgery scheduled for later in the month. During a sonogram, they said "I can see a uterine fibroid." Nothing came of this, they said not to worry.
April 2006-I had a laperoscopy for what we thought was endometriosis. Turns out that it was not, but that a part of my colon had twisted, fell off, and landed on an ovary making it go crazy. Weird, right?!?!? Dr. T, said to get off of BC pills and start trying b/c he had cleared out my tubes. It was a little sooner than we wanted to try, but oh well! He said if we weren't pregnant in 3 months to come back.
July 2006-back to Dr. T we go. He starts me on 25mg of clomid (half a pill) and wants to do a day 28 blood test to see if I ovulated. No ovulation.
August 2006-I was on 50 mg of Clomid (whole pill) and did the day 28 blood test. No ovulation. (but my cycles are and have always been like CLOCKWORK...we are talking down to almost the exact MINUTE)
September 2006- 75 mg of Clomid and day 28 blood test. No ovulation. Now I'm frustrated!
October 2006-100 mg of Clomid. Instead of the day 28 blood work, we did a day 10 sonogram to check the growth of the follicles (where the egg comes from). I had 2, which means 2 eggs and that the meds finally worked and had really good chances. So, I got a shot of HCG (ovadril) to make me ovulate in 24 hrs and we timed everything accordingly. It didn't work.
ALSO, in Oct...I had quite the nasty fall down the stairs outside of work. (if you are on my facebook, check out my "head trauma" pics) I ended up in the ER (on a backboard in a neck brace w/ my head taped down) downtown via ambulance. This was right after the few days of trying, so I knew that it was too soon to be pregnant but still kept telling them NOT to give me any meds or anything. They did a pregnancy test and it came back positive. However, the HCG shot that I had had was a shot of HCG, which IS the pregnancy hormone...creating a false positive. Even though I KNEW it was wrong, it was fun to think about the possibilities!

Look how big that side of my head was! My eye was swollen shut.
The next morning!
November 2006-100 mg Clomid, day 10 follicle check, there are 3-4 good sized ones. So I get the shot and we decide this month to jump to an IUI (inter-uterine insemination-basically Ben makes a "deposit" at the clinic, I go in 2 hrs later and get the "deposit" and it is "turkey basted" straight into the uterus.) Didn't work.
December 2006-took a break, but stayed on the meds. Nothing.
January 2007-still on a break, but still on meds. Nothing
February 2007-Still on meds (100 mg Clomid, Gynodiol (estrogen), prochieve (progesteron)), day 10 follicle check, IUI, follow up sono to be sure I ovulated at the right time. Everything worked...there were eggs, ovulation, high count from Ben...but nothing. We had gone on a marriage retreat the day after doing the IUI w/ instructions to keep on trying through the weekend. We had no problem w/ that...we just disappeared during all the breaks & meals ;) It was great fun for us!!
Sunday morning before we left Lake DeGrey, AR

We did this same thing, Feb, March, April, & May. Same results...We would have anywhere for 2-4 eggs (follicles), good count from Ben, perfect timing, ovulation...but no pregnancy.

Somewhere in those months, the sono tech said "did we know that you have uterine fibroids?" My response was always "you said that the last time, but nothing ever happened with it." And somewhere in there, my cycles became UN-BEARABLE. I was in SO much pain and it was so heavy that I couldn't leave my house. This always seemed to happened on a Sat, and it always seemed to be the same Dr. on-call (Dr. B) who said to take 4 ibuprofen every 6 hours. This helped at first, but then even 4 IB wasn't touching the pain. And somehow, the messages were not getting to Dr. T that I had called, so he didn't know that this was going on.
It had just gotten so out of control...I would go in and have the procedures done, by whatever Dr had time available (1 of 4 Drs in the clinic & the appts were so time sensitive that we couldn't make appts ahead of time) and then when I found out I wasn't pregnant, I would have to start taking the meds again on day 3. There was never time to sit down with my beloved Dr T and talk to him about the "fibroids" or the pain.

I had put off my yearly appt from Feb. until May (because I had always assumed we would get pregnant). So, I have my yearly and the next day I get SEVERAL calls from the Drs office. So, I call back and the nurse said "Dr. T wants to talk to you." This scared me! It turns out that my iron count was dangerously low. I was extremely anemic and didn't know it. So, he pumps me full of iron and folic acid. I suddenly had more energy. I KNEW that I was tired, but didn't know that it wasn't normal! He said "no wonder you weren't getting pregnant, your body was in shock from the iron deficiency."
Little did he know that we had many many more small problems...
Summer 2007 was one that I don't wish to re-live. Find out why tomorrow!

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