Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My White (sands) Christmas

So, we spent Christmas last week in Pensacola with my little sister. We had a good time! Ben and I got into Houston a little after 10 Monday night and we left Houston at 8 the next morning. We dropped Rustee off at the PetsMart Pets Hotel (I didnt cry this time!) and were off! Well, for a little while...when Ben and I travel we stop ONE time at the halfway mark and OCCASSIONALLY we make another stop. One this trip we stopped before lunch, for lunch, 2 times after lunch...and on and on and on!!! (It was ACTUALLY a good thing b/c I needed to walk b/c of my previous blood clot.) We made it there in 10 hours.

Bryson did GREAT until the last hour or so. Of course Nana's new Christmas gift helped...

Let me explain our sleeping arrangements: mom & dad got a hotel, Ben & I were on an air mattress in the living room, Steph was in her single bed, M was on a single air mattress on her floor, and Bryson had a pallet in the hall by the front door that is never used. It actually worked out OK. Bryson would lay down on M's bed while we were up at night. The only problem was that he woke up early in the mornings and Ben, Fef, and I like to sleep in! Ben eventually covered his head w/ a pillow. We ate on TV trays (my gift to Feff) and sat in camp chairs that mom brought along. Sister sleepovers are always fun...poor Ben cant keep up with our conversations/sister talk, though!

After we got there Tues night, we scarfed down some pizza and headed out to the Gulf Breeze Zoo where Feff works. They were having a "Zoo Lights" with Santa and a train.

This was after a 10 hr trip in the car...we were looking ROUGH!

Wednesday morning (Christmas Eve) we got up and went to a Naval museum. Pensacola is where the Blue Angels are stationed. It was neat, but we only had about 40 minutes before it closed.

After the museum, we went to eat lunch on the beach at a restaurant called "Hemingway's." Is Hemingway from that area? It was a GOOD restaurant and we got some good seafood-except Ben who wont eat it! We sat outside and had a good time. (PS. I LOVE that you can order SWEET TEA everywhere in the South!!!) The bathrooms were neat, there were names of Hemingway's books in the mosaic tiles on the walls. I didn't get any pics inside, though!

After lunch, we headed to the beach to take some family pics. I should have known that this would be bad when I asked that everyone wear white and khakis (is it SO hard to get a coordinated family pic like EVERY other family in America? My whole life when I try to coordinate outfits for a pic, fits are thrown (the the adults)). About the khakis I was told "EXCUSE ME, I am NOT buying khakis for a picture, " so denim I said. Somehow M didn't get this memo and didn't have white shirt. So, we settled for a blue, yellow, and white theme. NOT WHAT I WANTED...but OK none the less. Can I just say that when WE have kids of our own there WILL be coordinated family pics and for SURE white and khaki ones on the beach!

We still got some good ones, though:

Candid taken by M

KK & Feffy (I LOVE this one!)

Fef & Bryson (love this, too)

Nana & Popples and their ONE love

He makes me laugh a LOT!

KK & Bryson

So, I was standing in the water taking a pic of Fef and Bryson...he was laughing at the waves getting her feet...and this wave comes and SOAKS me up to my knees. We THOUGHT that this was funny until the NEXT wave came and got me up to my WAIST!!! So much for SITTING in the sand for a picture!

Bryson and Uncle Ben (Unc-a-Pecan) looking at the water.
(or Ben keeping Bryson OUT of the water!)

Family shot on the hill. I am pretty sure that this was FORCED by me & Fef and that there is growling under our breaths. Dad wouldn't sit or squat and I couldn't sit b/c of my wet pants...so this was what we came up with.


This is my #1 FAVE from the day!!!

AND Finally...the money shot!!!
There is another one where Bryson is being normal, but that's no fun!

Then we went back to Feff's place and had a Chinese Buffet. We didn't realize how much food we were ordering, so it really was like a buffet!!! Then we opened presents!!

Feff got a lot of new furniture that Uncle Ben & Bryson put together!

Show us your belly! (in boxers from KK)

Then, he got embarrassed and sucked it in!

We had a great time and my dad is already planning on going back next year. HOPEFULLY we will be out b/c we will have a little one. But, who knows what God has planned!!!

Bryson had HAD it by the end! (we ALL had!)

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and wonderful times with your families! We are headed to Lubbock EARLY in the morning. We were going to try to go tonight, but we needed another night at home...so we are before 6 to get there in time for lunch w/ Ben's brother, Phillip.

Bye for now,

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Justin and Gracie O. said...

Kristina, I LOVE the beach pics! The candid ones are definitely the best. Your little nephew is adorable, too. I hope we have one that cute, and I hope you do, too! How did you get this cute background on your blog? I think ours needs a little makeover.

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