Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy 28th Birthday to my Ben!!

I feel like Ben's Birthday gets the shaft. I told him that I am an awful wife b/c I make cakes for everyone elses Birthdays and he doesn't get one. I am so busy this time of year making stuff for ThanksMas, office parties, and other things that he gets the shaft and he doesn't deserve that. We made reservations for the FourWinds Steak House in Wills Point, TX for Sat night, but had to cancel because I was still sick and in a phenigran haze (I went to bed around 7 that night!). So, sometime next week, we will celebrate all things Ben!
Ben is the best husband that I could ever ask for! Who knew that when his family moved to LA about 16 years ago that we would end up here? See, back in the day...when they first moved to LA, Ben was in 7th grade and came up to my elbow and he had glasses that were 3 times bigger than his head-no joke!! It was great! I can admit that I was no "catch" either, so I guess we are even.
Ben and I sat next to each other in band from that time on. (I was always a chair above him, I might add) Ben would get me in SO much trouble. For those of you who don't know Ben, he is SUPER quiet. HOWEVER, he really talks-it's just so soft that not many people hear him. People that know him well, know how to listen for him and know that when Ben talks, you listen, because its either going to be funny/sarcastic or something very wise/smart! So, back to getting me in trouble. Ben would say something, usually in band, and I would laugh. So, I would get in trouble and when I would say that it was BEN that was talking, I would get the "Ben never talks" and I would be in trouble while he sat gloating.
We were great friends and were always in the same "group" running around, going on trips (band & youth group), prayer group... We did a lot together and there was never a second thought about each other romantically. Until one day, on a band trip...things literally changed in the blink of a eye (I'll have to tell the story later)!! I thank God that they did, because we have a wonderful marriage and Ben has become such an awesome man and I am proud to have known him let alone be married to him!!!!!
In the 16 years that I have known him, and 11 years that we have been together I have NEVER, I repeat NEVER, seen him angry. Sure, I have seen him throw a golf club (when I saw this I sat w/ my jaw hanging open), I have seen him get on to the dog, and we have had our share of disagreements...but I have never seen him truly angry. I respect him so much for this (cant say that I actually LEARNED from this...but I can still respect it, right?!?). He spoils me every day and I cant complain one bit! When other girls complain about their husbands, for the most part ;) I cant jump in...he doesn't "fit the mold" and for that I am thankful.
Happy Birthday, Honey!! I love you so much and love my life with you!!
(you can all gag now, whatever!)

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