Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Didnt quite work out as planned...

So, we are both at work and planning to leave for good ol' Searcy, AR at 12 today (in 20 min or so). So, we thought that we would pack all our stuff, ride together, and leave straight from work. Even though we are driving RIGHT by our exit off of I-30, I knew that if we went home, we would not get out of town until at LEAST 1 and I just want to hit the road. Great plan...EXCEPT for the fact that we are bringing this guy with us:
This is an old pic, but R LOVES to get in our suitcases when we pack! He totally knows what they mean and will start to grab his leash as we roll towards the door!

So, Rustee is at work with me today and it is not going so well! He gets very anxious in new settings, but I thought he would be OK since I will be with him. WRONG! What a horrid brat he is. When I dropped Ben off at work, I thought that Rustee was going to FLIP out...he was crying, barking (a high pitch yelp), and pawing at the window as he watched Ben walk into the office...oh the drama! Then, I needed a coke, so he barked all the way through the drive-through line. So, I get to work and he is pulling at the leash while I am trying to juggle my purse, drink, baby gate, and leash. It was a mess and I am glad that I got here an hour before everyone else (since I had to drop Ben off) because I am sure that I was a riot walking in.
Rustee barks like crazy for the first little bit and while I was in the bathroom. He finally starts to calm down, and people started getting to work. Every time he hears someone, he starts barking like crazy.
Sweet Teresa brought him some dog cookies and he ate 2! He knew where I put the bag and he kept barking until I gave him more-smart thing. Thanks Teresa for a little quiet time while he ate them. (This time he didn't see me stash the other two, though!)
After a potty break, he is actually doing OK. He wants to sit on TOP of my desk (a few times he has lept off to run to the door and look at people walking by. He has been laying there getting SO sleepy, but then hears something and stands up to check it out. I actually got most of my work done already, so I guess it hasn't been that bad. If the whole day had been like this morning, I would be in tears by now!

I need to start carrying my camera everywhere I go so that I can document things that happen!!

Have a FABULOUS long weekend. Eat lots of turkey and sleep the afternoons away thanks to the triptophan (spell check & I dont know how to spell that-so I did it phonetically)!!

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!

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