Monday, November 24, 2008

It's all about me (at least in my mind!)

So, this weekend was VERY uneventful. I was still getting over being sick and spent most of the weekend asleep (thank you phenigran). So, since there is nothing too exciting to post about from the last few days, I thought I would do a little about myself. I'll try this whole picture thing!!

I was born in West Monroe, LA and lived in the same neighborhood until I went to college.
Johnny's the BEST PIZZA EVER...found in NE LA
I went to Whites Ferry Rd Church of Christ from the time I was in the nursery. I am the middle of 3 girls. Michelle is 14 mos older than me (I was a MAJOR accident-mom cried!) and Steph (another accident) is 6 years younger than I am. M teaches at Harding and has an 18 month old son, Bryson. Steph (better called Fef) is a weirdo biology girl and is a zoo keeper that gets to wear amazing outfits.

Fef and her "babies"


Look at the belly on that!!

Ben's dad was the preacher at our church and they moved to WM when I was in 8th grade. We played trumpet next to each other through HS. We went to Ouachita Christian School. We started dating the Summer b/f my Jr year in HS and his Soph year. We were 16. I went to college at Harding University in Searcy, AR for my first 2 1/2 years where I was an Early Childhood Ed/Special Ed major. In the middle of my Jr year at Harding, I transferred to Abilene Christian University (ACU) where I finished as an Elementary Ed major with specialization in Reading and an Early Childhood Endorsement. That's a mouthful!

I only lived in Abilene for 1 year, b/c they let me do my student teaching at a school in a district right outside of Lubbock, at North Ridge Elem. in the Frenship ISD. Ben was in school at Texas Tech (His dad now preaches at Monterey C of C in Lubbock, TX). I graduated in May '02 and we were married that June. We lived in Lubbock for a year where I taught a 1st grade pull-out class at Crestview Elem. in Frenship. When Ben graduated in May of '03 he got a job in we packed up all that we owned (which turned out to be very LITTLE b/c we were robbed the week before we moved. We made it real easy for them and had everything packed in boxes!!)

We lived in the GHETTOS of Dallas for 6 months (SERIOUSLY...we would play "count the prostitutes" on our way home) and then bought a house in the epitome of suburbia, Rowlett. We love it out there! We are the first people to live in our house and we got to pick some of the finishes. I got a job teaching 1st grade at Shands Elem in Mesquite, TX.

So, we lived in Rowlett, Ben worked in Dallas, I worked in Mesquite, and we went to church in Garland (at Saturn Rd C. of C.). Confusing enough?

I taught 1st grade for 2 years and was moved to 3rd grade which I enjoyed at first. I taught 3rd grade for 3 years before I quit. Third grade is TOUGH because its the first year that the kids take their big State test, TAKS, and HAVE to pass the reading portion to go onto 4th grade. Talk about pressure?!? Mesquite ISD was kind enough to pay for (most) of my Masters degrees. I got them in School and Professional Counseling and thought that this would help me in my teaching. I never intended NOT to teach. Well, teaching became all about the scores and when I was denied the chance to teach Kindergarten (which is what I always wanted) because they "needed my scores" in 3rd grade, I quit! Thank you Mesquite ISD for paying my way out!!

I had been doing some counseling at a private Christian agency in Dallas called ChristianWorks for Children after school. (To get my full license, I have to get 3000 hours as an Intern, so I was working SLOWLY on those) I took a part time job with CounselingWorks for the Summer as a test to see if we could afford the MAJOR pay cut. Ben and I decided to bite the bullet and I could just keep working these part time hours and see clients in the afternoon instead of going back to teaching. That way I could finish my hours quicker and make a little more $$ as an LPC instead of an LPC-Intern. I have a hard time saying that I "used" to be a teacher, but I am LOVING what I do and do not miss the public school! I see many kids and do play therapy most afternoons.

Pshew...that turned out way LONG!! We'll see if the link and pics worked-I know that I went a little bananas w/ the linking!! This is a short work week, then it's off to good ol' Searcy, AR for some Thanksgiving/Christmas (ThanksMas) with the whole clan.

Have a GREAT short week!!

Psalm 147:7 Sing to the LORD with thanksgiving;


Donna said...

I LOVE that your representation of WM is Johnny's! That's one of the first things I want when we get home this week! Only someone from there can appreciate it! Although, my oldest son asks for it often...he gets it! : )

Happy Holidays and safe travels!


Kristina said...

It's all about the Johnny's and Icees. If we only get Johnny's 1 time, its not enough. We have to have it at LEAST 2 times!!

Donna said...

You are so right about the Icee's. Do you know what kind of madness it was for me when I moved here in '97? The only place I could find them was Garden Ridge. They were usually fine but the texture was all wrong. My husband couldn't figure it out and said "just get a slurpee."
Not a chance!
We like the Sunday buffet and it's just before we leave town. If it's too early for lunch we stop in Shreveport at the Green ??? exit and eat.

Kristina said...

IT'S ALL ABOUT THE TEXTURE!!!!!! Mall/store Icees are just NOT up to par!

We usually order one pizza on our way in town Fri night to be delivered shortly after we get there and then our "crew" knows that its Johnnys for lunch on Sun, too!

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